Create online assessments

Create online assessments

Many assessments in face-to-face classes will work online, but in-class assessments, like performances, labs, presentations, and invigilated tests and exams need to be re-considered.

1. Use alternative assessments

When developing your assessment plan, consider your course learning outcomes and identify different ways these outcomes can be assessed.  Review your list and re-evaluate any assessments that you aren’t sure how to facilitate remotely.


Best practices

  • Consider assessments that require higher-order skills like application, analysis, evaluation, and/or original thought
  • Consider ways to make assessments more individualized by allowing students to choose their own topics or problems to solve, applying concepts to their own experiences, incorporating self-reflection (e.g. students identify what they learned from the assessment), etc.

2. Use Moodle for creating assessments

To keep everything in one place, which is helpful for both the teaching team and students, create assessments and their submissions in Moodle.


Assessment Tools in Moodle 

Assessment Submission Tools in Moodle

  • Moodle Assignments
  • Use Turnitin in Moodle for text-matching (to help combat academic dishonesty), grading, and feedback
  • Use Crowdmark in Moodle for assessments with multiple questions and multiple graders
  • Use Proctortrack for eProctoring of online exams

Best practices

  • Be sure to add graders to your Moodle course, and to the appropriate grading tools (e.g. Moodle Assignments, Turnitin, and Crowdmak) so your graders have access to assess and provide feedback to students.

3. Prepare students for assessments

Consider how you will communicate your assessments, that is their instructions, expectations and guidelines, to students.  Also consider how you will help them develop the skills students need to complete the assessments.


Best practices

  • Share with students expectations for assessments (e.g. rubrics, word limits, expected time for completion) and how they relate to your course at the same time the assessments are given to students.
  • Remind students of assessment deadlines using Course Announcements.

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