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One-on-one Support and Advice​
Whether you have general questions or faculty-specific questions, we're here for you!
Learning Opportunities
We offer courses and webinars for instructors and TAs.

Central Support Units

Teaching Commons

We provide expert guidance about how to make your remote or online pedagogy effective and satisfying for you and your students.

Learning Technology Services (LTS)

We provide expert advice on learning technologies used across the university, including Moodle, Zoom, Turnitin, Adobe Connect, and iClicker.

Your Faculty Support

Liaison Educational Developer (Teaching Commons)

Your liaison Educational Developer can assist you with the the design, delivery, and assessment of online/remote teaching activities and advise you on workshops and courses designed to assist you in your transition to remote and online teaching.

Point of Contact for Faculty-specific Support

This point of contact can answer questions about remote or online teaching specific to your Faculty and connect your with technical and course design support available at the Faculty-level.

Technical Support

Your technical support contact can assist you in navigating York-supported teaching technologies, including Moodle (or Canvas), Zoom, Turnitin, Adobe Connect, and iClicker.

Experiential Education (EE) Coordinator

Your Faculty EE Coordinator can assist you in navigating, developing, and facilitating various forms of EE activities.

Courses for Instructors


In this course, instructors learn about an evidence-based lesson planning framework to help plan their course in a remote environment and try it out in brief lessons presented to a group of peers in Zoom.

Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning

This online certificate focuses on the practical pedagogy of eLearning. Enhance your expertise by discussing and applying core principles and best practices for online learning in eClass. By completing five of eight courses in any order within a two year period and an additional summative project, you will earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning from the Teaching Commons at York University. All courses are delivered entirely online and are highly participatory, with active facilitation by Teaching Commons staff. On average, each course requires roughly 6-8 hours of time.

BOLD Institute

The BOLD Institute takes participants through an eLearning course design process informed by instructional design principles. Each module focuses on a different eLearning topic or design component, followed by collaborative working sessions, and culminating in the conceptual design and hands-on development of an eLearning module/lesson optimized for Moodle.

Webinars for Instructors​

Webinar Series Showcasing eLearning Instructors

Co-hosted by the Teaching Commons and York instructors with previous experience with online teaching, each webinar focuses on different aspects and features of online teaching.

  • Recordings and additional resources from the webinars can be found as resources throughout the Going Remote site

Moodle Support

Courses for TAs

TA led Courses

Experienced TAs will be available to facilitate conversations, connect TAs, and answer questions in the following online courses.

List of courses:

  • The Art of Online Conversation 
  • Assessing Learning Online: Grading, Evaluation, and Feedback
  • Remote Engagement Strategies for TAs
  •  Check the Teaching Commons events calendar to find out when the next courses are scheduled.

Webinars for TAs


Web-based Resources for TAs

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